The First Proprietary Metaverse Casino Gaming Platform “Cloverland” To Be Showcase At CES 2023

The Authentic Casino Experience Uses Advanced XR and Blockchain Technologies for Immersive, Secure, Interactive Gaming in the Metaverse.

Santo Domingo, DR (Jan 02, 2022) JM2 Clover Gaming will officially launch its Metaverse Cloverland which is an interactive, immersive environment with a fully interoperable technology that utilizes advanced XR (extended reality) technology to virtually deliver the IRL (In Real Life) sensation of a real casino.

The Clover Casino, the first building on Cloverland, is going to be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in early January 2023. 

Cloverland is compatible with any device, so players can interact with one another regardless of their equipment, and integrates the most advanced real-time 3D creation tool, Unreal Engine, to provide an unparalleled experience in the growing online gambling marketplace by proposing our first building Clover Casino.

According to Jean-Mathieu Marinetti, JM2 Clover Gaming CEO: “Cloverland will bring together all the advantages of the two worlds, physical and online casinos, to offer the most immersive and interactive experience for players and others who love the atmosphere of casinos,” 

Cloverland allows for an immersive experience in a 3D virtual environment where players can socialize with each other as if they are in a physical casino. 

The platform’s high-quality graphics are made possible by state-of-the-art XR technologies. The world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool, Unreal Engine, supports the development of an immersive VR and XR environment, including the creation of a dedicated metaverse. Furthermore, players could create a full-body 3D avatar with a selfie and use it in the metaverse

However, the platform proposes a cross-chain framework to be supported by different devices even if they don’t have access to an XR/VR Headset. 

The use of Blockchain as a Trustworthy network is important for multiple reasons like security, immutability & decentralization, but the most important one for a player is to be able to audit our Metaverse available Gaming liquidity.

Indeed, the current gaming online industry is powered by centralised organisations or companies that propose gaming services. However, in the Gambling industry, there is no possibility to audit how much the company running it has in its treasury to be certain to be paid when a significant prize is won. Our gaming architecture approach is allowing any user to check the liquidity balance of each table game (poker, blackjack …) or electronic casino machine proposed on our Clover Casino. 

The creators of Cloverland noticed that the gaming industry suffers from stunning interoperability between the use of blockchain technology through smart contracts and XR/VR, which leaves users with limited immersive experiences. They solved this challenge with Cloverland, a platform that sets a new standard for online casino gaming. These new technologies give players the ability to gamble cryptocurrency, level up gains with NFTs, attend top-of-the-class events, and socialize with other users.

Coverland will be exhibiting from booth #61233 in the Eureka Park Marketplace at the Venetian Expo Center at CES 2023. The virtual gambling industry projections is growing fast since the pandemic of COVID19.

About Cloverland

Cloverland is an interactive, immersive proprietary Metaverse gaming platform with a full interoperable technology that utilizes advanced XR (extended reality) technology to virtually deliver the IRL (In Real Life) sensation of a real casino based in Santo Domingo.

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