MATIC Price May Surge To $0.83 If This Scenario Plays Out!

The cryptocurrency market has fallen over the last few days, with the majority of coins trading in the red heading into this weekend. However, the market began to stabilize and as of the time of this writing, the majority of the coins had begun to reverse their drop. Affected by the crypto winter, Polygon MATIC Price rose before falling to lower levels. The current price is 65% lower than the year’s opening price.

If the bullish signals identified by analyst Ali Martinez are true, a chart showing MATIC’s chances to soar to the $0.83 level has been predicted. According to the analyst’s tweet, the Polygon chart has two buy signals: nine red candles and a green number 13 that follows them.

 When the screenshot was taken, MATIC was trading for $0.77. Martinez predicts that if these signs are confirmed, the token’s price might increase to $0.80 or even higher, to $0.83. The coin is currently trading at $0.79.

MATIC’s Latest Developments: 

Every other week, new projects have been actively launched by the Polygon MATIC. As the bearish market for 2022 continues, the price of MATIC has not yet responded to these developments.

While looking at the important developments of 2022, the most recent updates included alliances with Reddit, Google’s BigQuery, Starbucks, Nike, Disney, and Meta, among others.

The guild’s programme will also be expanded by the ecosystem until 2023. The project can connect with local communities through the programme, which has been quite successful in India. They will restart the Advocates programme in light of its achievements in uniting the community. 

Their recent tour of India, which brought together hundreds of developers from around the nation for a community-building event, has just come to a close. At ETH India, out of the 450 projects submitted, developers built 300 on the protocol, demonstrating the technology’s acceptance.

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