How To Recover Deleted Data From Your Crypto Wallet

Are you looking for an efficient way to recover deleted data from your crypto wallet? If yes, then this place is just for you. 

Many times, crypto wallet data gets deleted for some reason, and you realize later that you need it. At that moment, you feel helpless and clueless about the same. Note that losing data from the crypto wallet is not new. Recently, over $3 billion was stolen in crypt heists. So, it’s not uncommon.

Now, your recovery to crypto wallet data depends on several factors. This includes your recovery seeds. If you have the seeds, your assets are safe. All you need to do is transfer the seeds to a wallet, and you’ll be able to access the funds easily. 

If you don’t have the seeds, your data recovery is dependent on the following factors:

Computer Operating System

Computer operating systems, like Windows and OSX, has a lot to do with the data recovery process. While files in Windows are still recoverable, it’s absolutely gone in the case of MAC systems. 

This is because Windows systems handle data much differently than OSX. Anything deleted on a Windows system is stored in an unallocated space that you can restore. Sometimes these files get overwritten after just a few minutes or maybe months. Even if it has been years, the files are still recoverable. 

On the other hand, files on OSX are hardly recoverable. They are also gone in minutes.

Hard Drive

Files are hard to recover if you are using SSDs. That’s because it works on a feature called TRIM, where the data gets overwritten once you delete it. However, you have some chances if you are using an older HDD. As in that case, the data remains stored on the disk unless overwritten. 


If you have deleted the files recently, then there are higher chances of recovery. On the other hand, older files are quite complex to recover. 

It’s best to recover your crypto wallet as early as possible. That’s because it’s likely that 2023 will see lower inflation rates

Best Way to Recover Deleted Data from Crypto Wallet

Now that you know about situations where you can recover data from a crypto wallet, try out some of the ways by which you can do so:

Turn Off Your System

If you have accidentally deleted the data from your crypto wallet, the first thing you should do is turn off your system. When your system is on, it constantly reads and writes the data to the hard drive. This happens even when your system is not being used at all.

So, if you haven’t done it, turn off the system and contact professional data recovery service providers. You shouldn’t turn on the system unless an expert comes to your home. 

Let the Professionals Handle the Situation

While choosing certified data recovery service providers, look for professionals that offer a success rate of 95% or above. They should offer round-the-clock services with assistance during emergency situations. 

As experts have years of experience in the field, you can stay assured of quick recovery in a hassle-free manner. They follow the below process to ensure a safe data recovery:

Evaluation: Experts start by accessing and evaluating the device at the laboratory. This helps to come up with a proper diagnosis of the issue. It’s also useful to determine whether data recovery is possible or not.

Review and Recovery: After evaluation, they review and recover the data. As their team has qualified engineers, they can quickly check and send you the list of recovered data for review.

They might send you the data for review after the process to rectify whether or not the files are restored. Once you show them the green flag, they will move to the last step. 

Receive data: Experts return you a drive filled with all the restored data after recovery. They can do so via secure shipping or through digital means. In many cases, you can track your new data recovery case from the smartphone. 

Note: To keep your crypto wallet password and seed words safe, we recommend you not to store them on the hard drive. You should also avoid storing them in backup clouds. 

That’s all. We hope now you know the complete process of how to recover deleted data from your crypto wallet. 

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