EQONEX Launches Physically Backed Bitcoin ETN In Germany

  • EQONEX Limited launched a physically backed bitcoin ETN for German investors.
  • Physical bitcoin will be custodied by Digivault in a segregated account.
  • The company intends to build out more investor products to be offered internationally.

German financial services company EQONEX Limited (NASDAQ: EQOS) has launched its first investor product with a new physically backed exchange-traded note (ETN) on the Deutsche Börse XETRA Exchange, according to a press release.

The EQONEX Bitcoin ETN allows German investors to use standard brokerage services to trade back and forth between the asset while also allowing investors the opportunity to redeem actual bitcoin for free with a Digivault custody account. Digivault is a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registered custody provider for digital assets and is one of only 35 total entities that currently hold this accreditation.

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