Bitcoin Heading Towards a ‘Death Cross’ – Can BTC Price Reverse the Bearish Impact?

Bitcoin price is hovering below the crucial levels at $20,000 for over a month now and hence the volatility appears to have reached the bottom. Meanwhile, the volume maintains some decent levels which have failed to rise the volatility of the asset. In the coming days, a more dreadful dump is awaiting the Bitcoin (BTC) price rally due to which it may even reach its older levels too. 

The BTC price on the weekly chart displays the possibility of forming a Death Cross as the 200-day MA & 50-day MA levels could face a crossover. It is also the first Death Cross happening in the weekly chart since the inception of Bitcoin which may happen somewhere in January or February 2023. 

Trading View

As mentioned in the above chart, the historical death cross is just a few weeks away and if the BTC price wants to nullify the impact, it is required to intensify its volatility. The price is required to move higher and lower very quickly and may even reach the bottom between $7000 to $8000, which may also be a temporary one. 

However, the price amid the fresh drop has broken down from the lower trend line, displaying an acute bearish trend. Despite a bullish interference, the price may not get the required boosts as the trade set-up is completely in favor of bears. Moreover, the intensified volume signals the stiff involvement of the bulls and the bears due to which the BTC price has been restricted below the crucial resistance levels.   

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